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Full Name : Jessica Marie Alba

Zodiac : Taurus

Father : Mark Alba

Mother : Kathy Alba

Brother : Josh Alba

Husband : Cash Warren

Child: Honor Marie Warren (she was born the 7th of june 2008)

Last boyfriends : Michael Wetherly, Mark Wahlberg, Mekhi Phifer...

Height : 5'6 1/2"

Breast : 34"

Eyes : Brown

Ethnic Backround : Danish and French on her mother's side

                             Mexican, Indian and Spanish on her father's side

   Tattoos : One at the neck, one under arm and one at the bottom of back

   Awards :

2001 Teen Choice Awards, Choice TV Actress, Dark Angel
2001 ALMA Awards, Breakthrough Actress of the Year
2001 Saturn Awards, Best Actress, Dark Angel
2001 TV Guide Awards, Breakout Star of the Year, Dark Angel
2001 People's Choice Awards, Best TV Show, Dark Angel
2002 Kids Choice Awards, Best Burp
2003 DVD Exclusive Awards, The Sleeping Dictionary

   Other :

*Jessica is a PADI-certified scuba diver.

*Jessica got her big break in Camp Nowhere because her hair matched the actress' who's role she got when the original actress had to pull out at the last moment.

*Jessica was a tomboy growing up. She played baseball, not softball and football.

*Training for 'Dark Angel' was very rigorous, including a year of daily martial arts, gymnastics, motorcycle riding and hard cardio and stretching.

*It really is Jessica riding the Kawasaki 350 in her tv show.

*Jessica loves Harley Davidson motorcycles.

*Jessica was a "Navy brat" growing up so she lived in several different states, including California, Mississippi and Texas. She attended at least eight different schools.

*When she was in the fifth grade Jessica was sent to the principal's office for giving a boy a black eye.

*Jessica was a bit of a trouble-maker growing up. Her teachers didn't like her because she was a "smarty-pants." She says she wouldn't even call them "Mr. or Mrs. because were just people."

*Jessica used to get served wine when she was 12 years old.

*She has a habit of twirling her hair in her fingers.

*Jessica loves to cook. Her specialty is chicken enchiladas and homemade tortillas.

*Jessica has a very diverse ancestry. Her mother is French/Danish and her father is Spanish.

*She loves to dance to any music with groove. "Jazz, blues, hip-hop, jungle, I like it all. I love dancing, but it's hard to go to a club if you don't have a fake ID. Unless you want to play the celebrity card, and that kind-of bums me out," Jessica said.

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